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Cormac McCarthy – The Road – Study Notes

Novel-Thoughts is now adding new content for our The Road Study Notes.

A great novel by a great author, The Road is a must-read for anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic fiction. McCarthy’s unique, sparse writing style is engaging, and the bleak future he paints in the novel adeptly pulls the reader into the sense of despair he develops.

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Updates: The Outsiders & Fahrenheit 451

The gradual process of uploading content and study materials has begun. I’m expecting it to be a slow slog to get Novel-Thoughts where I want it, but, as they say, all good things take time and hard work.

Latest Updates

The Outsiders: Some character analysis and theme information.
Fahrenheit 451: Some links to video content.

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Work in Progress

Novel Thoughts is a work in progress with the ultimate goal of being the go to place for literature studies.

At this stage, Novel Thoughts is only partially functional, and the aim is to have it up to scratch by the start of 2020.

As for the person behind it all…

He is a qualified secondary school teacher with a BA in English Literature who currently works and resides in Christchurch New Zealand.

Stay tuned, folks.

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