The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and The Sea

Ernest Hemingway

“Take a good rest, small bird,” he said. “Then go in and take your chance like any man or bird or fish.”

Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man and The Sea

Give Me The Basics:

On the surface, this work by Hemingway is as simple as the title states. An aging fisherman, Santiago, ventures out to sea in the hopes it will be the end to his 84-day streak without a fish, resulting in an epic struggle with a worthy adversary. Beneath the surface, Hemingway examines ideas of perseverance and wisdom and, more importantly, philosophises about Man’s place in nature.



Santiago is the main protagonist


The Marlin

Central Ideas (Themes)

Man’s relationship with Nature

Persevering Against Impossible Odds

Respecting a Worthy Adversary


Man Vs. Self (Santiago)

Man vs Nature

Language Features

Iceberg Theory


Historical Context

Philosophical Allegory

Religious Allegory

Quotes & Analysis

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